On Isiopolis

It has been several months since I have paid attention to this blog. One of the things that I did a few days ago was to  check the links. One that I checked was the link to Isiopolis the only ongoing blog on the internet, of which I am aware, which is dedicated solely to Isis. The blog is owned by Isidora Forrest who is the author of “Isis Magic” a book which combines an excellent historical survay of the devotion and interest shown to Isis over the ages with her own spiritual how to book of modern Isian spirituality.  As usual in viewing her blog, I found a degree of historical and spiritual insight which greatly exceeds what I normally find on the internet.

In my own prayers and worship I still often think of the Goddess that I worship as Isis, though more often I simply address her as Lady, Holy Queen, etc. However I no longer think of myself as Isian in religion. The simply fact is that I no longer believe that an Isian religion really exists or that one will be emerging in my life time. I do wish one did exist but that is a hopeless dream I think. However in spite of this, it is good that there are a few persons such as Isidora Forrest who do honor Isis by both their intelligence and devotion.