A Question of Confucius?

A few who have visited this site in the past may be surprised by the fact that Confucius has been juxtaposed next to Isis within the title. Anyone who knows my writing at all knows that a religious devotion to Isis has been a central aspect of my life for years. But that old patriarch Confucius?

Well first,this blog over time has become my default, all purpose, religious blog in which I write about these kinds of things. The Confucian school of Chinese thought interests me and therefore this blog is one place in which I will write about it. I have had an abiding off and on interest in the broad school of Chinese thought called Confucianism for over a decade, however in the last couple of years my study and interest in Confucianism has increased to the point in which It has become central of my thought and practical religious life along with Isis, and certain aspects of the Jewish and Christian traditions.

But what about the patriarchal nature of the Confucian tradition? Is that not in complete opposition to the worship of a goddess such as Isis, who has made women equal to men? Well of course Confucianism along with Judaism, Christianity, and just about every other mainstream religious world view has a deeply patriarchal aspect. It has suffered a strong patriarchal distortion though out its history. However I would argue that like Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and the other major religious traditions that it also contains vast resources of pragmatic spiritual wisdom and knowledge that would be useful in modern American society and more importantly in the lifes of modern people. As I find a way to share some of these resources, persons will be able to judge for themselves the accuracy of my views on this.