This blog started out as one thing and has evolved into what it is now. What it is now is a place in which I can express my personal thoughts and feelings about  Isis as the Great Goddess and  the Virgin Mary of the monotheistic Christian traditions. Why Isis and Mary? As I explained in my post “Why Isis,” I have worshipped the Divine primarily in the form of the Goddess or Feminine Sacred for over two decades. My devotion to Isis is the primary direction in which that worship has taken me. The Virgin Mary?  My relationship with the Christian tradition goes back even further than does my relationship to the feminine divine. My increasing adoration of the Goddess over the years has never meant for me any complete rejection of my strong if often conflicted relationship to the traditions of Christianity. What it has meant has been a personal reshaping or reinterpretation of that tradition. Thus I am very interested in the project as expressed by  the  Goddess Christian Yahoo Group  of  restoring  the Goddess to Christianity. For most Christo Pagans that has meant the acceptance of  recently developed theologies  in which  Mary Magdalene becomes the Feminine Divine of Christianity . I  look instead to the  traditions of the Virgin Mary.

I am very aware that many people who visit this blog will see any attempts to find a commonality between the traditions of Paganism and  Christianity to be repugnant at worse or merely idiosyncratic at best. What can I say? This is where I am! I take both the theologies which see Isis as the Great, Universal Goddess and the religious claims of Christianity very seriously.
I obviously do not believe that Paganism as the dominating traditions of Christianity and Judaism  suggest is demonic in nature. Nor do I believe as do many Pagans that Christianity and Judaism have been only a source of hatred, intolerance, and bigotry in which no good has ever been found. Both have credibility in my eyes and both have problems.

These are some of the concerns which I hope to discuss in the space of this blog. I  hope that some others decide to share this conversation with me.


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