This blog is now inactive

For any one who have recently observed this blog, it is obvious that it has been inactive for over a year. I am now announcing that it will be closed indefinitely, probably permanently.

This purpose of this blog was to achieve two goals. One of which was to attempt to generate some dialogue regarding the Virgin Mary who I consider the Christian Goddess by both members of Marian Christian and Neopagan circles. The second was to generate interest in Pagan circles in a bhakti / devotional worship of Isis as an inclusive monotheistic Goddess. At the time this blog was developed these were both primary interests of mine. It has been obvious over the years that neither of these goals were realistic. Since I do believe that there are a good number of articles worth reading within this blog, I do plan to keep it open so that these articles can be read by those who are interested.

I am now in the process of developing a purely personal blog which might contain articles on themes which I have initiated within this blog. I will announce this new blog when it is ready.

Glenn King