Filianism 101

As per my last post here I stated that I planned to post some of my articles from my primary thealogical blog In the Way to Thea. Enclosed is the first one.


Devotion to the High Queen of Heaven

What follows is a simple introduction to Filianism a sort of Filianism 101. I would suggest that for persons who wish a more authoritve introduction to Filianism that they should read the excellent introduction to Filianism that exists within the Chapel of Our Mother God site entitled appropriately “What is Filianism?” What I write below comes from some one who while he admires the achievements of Filianism and has incorporated much of Filianic religion into his own life is not an orthodox believer. If authentic Filianism is understood as being the first community’s understanding of the religion then what I describe here and in future articles is not authenic Filianism. However it is an interpretation which makes sense to me.

The Latin word for Daughter is Filia. Thus Filianism is the religion of Filia, the Daughter. The modern religion of Filianism (many of its aspects are premodern) was initiated in…

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