Chelanya and Sacrifice

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Towards Thea and other subjects

farmingI originally posted this earlier this month on the Sodalility of Thea Yahoo e-group. It needs to be blogged here as well.


The Filianic feast of Chelanya or Regeneration on August 1 has come and passed. Several comments on it have been shared here but I myself have not commented on it. One reason being that I simply have not in a practical way integrated the Filianic wheel of the year calendar into my life. Pamela has shared at least one post on it but no Filianic interpretations were placed on it. Enclosed is a link to an independent Filianic tumblir site called Shrine of the Gentle Way authored  Kathi Bourque. I know little about her that is not on this site. By independent Filianist I mean those Filianists who are not members of the Aristasian community and who thus may have some views independent of the founding community. This is the link.

I have also enclosed the…

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