Ama-ar- gi (Return to the Mother)

Devotion to the High Queen of Heaven

While I am deeply alienated by the patriarchal nature of the patriarchal God that is worshiped within the western monotheistic religions, there is one element of those religions which I have always cherished. That element is the insistence that God is committed to economic and social justice for the oppressed, the poor, the victimized. Another corresponding aspect to those faiths is a belief in the day of Yahweh or the kingdom of God in which a final triumph of justice for all peoples will triumph in the world.

Of course that concern for the oppressed and the poor is not unique to the Hebrew scriptures. Both Mesopotamian and Egyptian religions among others also advocated a strong commitment to justice for the oppressed. However since those religions are essentially no longer living faiths in the modern world we no longer are aware of their very positive attitudes toward justice in this…

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3 thoughts on “Ama-ar- gi (Return to the Mother)

  1. I feel that the triumph of justice for all peoples and triumph in the world will only come from the peoples inner realization of the divine within, god or goddess, the Goddess/God that permeates all that there is, I feel all the problems we have are to do with a single patriarchal god,who is separate from us, and commands obedience and worship, and through this we might live a fairly trouble free life, I say might, because if we manage to become elevated from the original sin by good deeds, then the chance of forgiveness may be given, Big problem….not my cup of tea. There was this christian guy on television the other night talking about the loss of animal species that we are losing at a huge rate through humans actions, and the pollution of the planet etc, his reasoning was awful, God has put everything here for us to use as we will, and does not matter about what we are doing to the planet because our final destination ( Christians that is) is heaven. talk about shoving his own responsibilities onto his god. when we truly find the god and goddess within our hearts, then things will start to change, blessings of asset, John Sirius.

  2. amargi origin of sabbath (7th) and jubilee (49th) in days and with the free of debts (spoiling, sins..) & return to the land and letting it be, giving it rest.. in years – within and towards most places in deeds forgotten, unfortunately – tnx with love

    • origin i mean written origin, most probably functional before (seal-proto-script goes back to 6000 bc at least, oral naturally before – written good common law of the land mostly means: under pressure, under attack already, think of the old man leaving the city a book behind.. bye now

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