Ama-ar- gi (Return to the Mother)

Devotion to the High Queen of Heaven

While I am deeply alienated by the patriarchal nature of the patriarchal God that is worshiped within the western monotheistic religions, there is one element of those religions which I have always cherished. That element is the insistence that God is committed to economic and social justice for the oppressed, the poor, the victimized. Another corresponding aspect to those faiths is a belief in the day of Yahweh or the kingdom of God in which a final triumph of justice for all peoples will triumph in the world.

Of course that concern for the oppressed and the poor is not unique to the Hebrew scriptures. Both Mesopotamian and Egyptian religions among others also advocated a strong commitment to justice for the oppressed. However since those religions are essentially no longer living faiths in the modern world we no longer are aware of their very positive attitudes toward justice in this…

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