“The Myth of Sacred Prostitution in Antiqiuity” re-edited

Over the past few years in this blog  has often been neglected because of my other commitments. Furthermore I have been ignorant of some basic blogging skills such as that of tagging. I hope in future months to remedy these problems. One of the activities in which I am currently engaged is in a re-editing of some of my articles.

One of my most popular posts ( I say this with a grain of salt. None of my post can be really seen as popular) has been my post on the issue of “Sacred Prostitution in Antiquity.” On re-reading it a couple of years latter I still believe the facts presented in the article are solid. However I think that I communicated some of my thoughts about the attitudes of some Neopagans toward the myth of sacred prostitution poorly. I have now re-edited the article. I think that it is some what improved. Check here to read the edited post.



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