some Isian hymns

Enclosed are two prayers / hymns I have written which I use regularly in my daily devotions. They are directly inspired by both the hymns to Isis by Isidorus and by my own experience.  Perhaps some may find them of interest. What I attempt to do is to memorize them and chant them as they might be chanted for example within the divine liturgy of an Eastern Orthodox Church. While I have not musical gifts this is something I can do and it is more helpful then simply reciting them as secular poetry.


All Praises to Isis

All praises to Isis, Queen of the angels, the Pure One, the Holy One, the Almighty,

the Lady who gives all good things, the food to sustain us and the wealth that we enjoy.

All praises to her whose beautiful face is joy and glory,

the Great One who establishes the security of nations and peoples.

Honor to the Goddess who brings justice; the Lady who breaks the bond of oppression.

All praise her glorious Name.

Praise Isis

Praise Isis who gives a good fate to those who love her

and is merciful to those who do not.

To Demeter, the creatress of the grains of the fields, the fruit of the trees,

and the food by which we live. All praises to your Holy Name!

Isis, assist us in our affairs and bring success to them.

Protect those in the chains of death and suffering. Redeem them. Save their souls

Our Goddess and Queen, grant me happiness during the rest of the days of my life.


5 thoughts on “some Isian hymns

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  2. Praise Isis (the second prayer / hymn) is so very comforting to me during this present time as my Mother approaches “joining Ma’at” (passing through the veil.

  3. Ruth, I am so sorry to hear about the situation about your Mother. May Thea be with her and with you. I am glad that the prayer is of some comfort to you.


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