Meeting Isis

Now for something different. Normally I have posted my own thoughts here on matters of Isis, Mary, religion, and what not. I have made some exceptions however when I have posted poetry or some other writings that I have thought to be interesting or beautiful. That is what I am doing now. This is a message regarding Isis posted by a woman who is a member of the “Temple of Isis yahoo group.”  The link is
It is sort of a testimonial of her spiritual past, how she met Isis and of her ongoing relationship with her. I thought that it was well worth reading and want to share it.
Hello all!  For myself, here are several reasons I do not post. The first being I am relatively new to working with Isis so I don’t really feel qualified to post anything. I did post on one list about my spiritual history and how amazing it has been since I discovered Isis and got dead air and in fact, the owner wrote about a month later and was extremely critical of anyone writing about how great their life has been with Isis! I joined so many Isis lists when I became connected to Her I forget which one it was, but lets say that sort of dampened any future desires to share on any list. 

Secondly, I’m not sure where I fit in on the Isis spectrum.  I have been Asatru-Norse Pagan for 20 years.  I was a hard polytheist and extremely devoted to that pantheon. I practiced Seidhr-Nordic type shamanism for about 5 years.  About a year ago I got into Plant Spirit Shamanism which led me-for the first time- to work outside of the Northern European pantheon, but Gran Bwa’s presence was undeniable.  So, being the ‘green man’ to me anyway I started incorporating him into my work (I am an aromatherapist and have a physical shop that sells natural things-so it fits).  I had disconnected form all the Asatru lists many years ago because I found them to be combative and more concerned with minutae than actual spiritual connections. 
Anyway, about 9 months ago in a meditation/shamanic journey whatever you want to call it, I found myself in a completely different area of the other realms and saw “God’ who said she was Isis-the first mother, the creator of all, all beings are Her and She is all things.  (Of course, this is my perception and not one other person has to agree with it so I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything.)  Needless to say, this completely rocked my hard polytheistic, Asatru soul!! But, it was undeniable and the incredibly deep peace I felt in Her presence was proof enough for me.  So, instead of clinging to a spiritual system I was very versed in scholastically and spiritually I let it go and followed this new path. It was difficult at first trying to understand all the information I was getting but I feel I have assimilated it into a cohesive system for myself.  I read deTraci Regula’s book and Isidora Forrest’s books and I have some more Egyptian religion books. But, my connection with Her is so powerful, I’m not feeling the need to do a lot of bookwork and am enjoying my connection to Her and where it leads me.  I have recently begun working with Osiris as Green MAn, god of vegetation and of all things that live and die. 
I don’t post because I assume I will probably be picked apart as on previous lists for not doing things the way other humans (in any age) have decided I should do them. I don’t really fit inot any ‘camp’ with Isis either it seems like. I am not Kemetic and although I see Isis as The Goddess, I also believe she is everything and so all the other deities-gods and goddesses- are parts of Her and absolutely exist as those forms and do not need to be disrespected. So, you got a post-but probably a little more rambling and long than wanted 😉   I do read my Isis lists every day and do always hope for interesting discussion that is respectful and thought provoking or devotional. I would love love to find an Isis group near me but there are none.  I have been a part of the Pagan community in my area for 10 years, but it is very small and even though we now have a Universal Pagan Ritual format, people don’t really come to group activities. OK. Now, you know more about one of the list subscribers than you ever wanted to know 😉

Best thoughts,
Heather D.



2 thoughts on “Meeting Isis

  1. Hi Heather, I read what you had to say, power to you my love, that is your experience and yours alone, how great, I have just started to devote myself to Isis, it is a long story how this came about, but when I started with my devotions, I felt like my heart would burst with so much love toward her, I was rather taken a back at this feeling, anyway during a meditation, I heard her whisper, you have now found your true family, I have not looked back since, I am a Druid, and will continue with my Druid practice, and will give my devotions completely to Isis and Osirus, I am not that young, 61 years of age, and a male, I feel really energized by this experience, and feel so rich because of it, once again nice to hear of your sacred relationship to Isis, blessings, Sirius.

  2. What a wonderful post. I have recently been drawn to Isis and have been working with her exclusively for a short time. I use he name as my mantra in meditation. I honor Her through my thoughts and actions as a form of bhakti yoga. I have never been more sure of my path as I am now. Blessings.

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