Again another name!

I wrote this article about two months ago. However due to my  involvement with my political group the Social Democrats USA I have delayed completing and posting it until now. During the last two months little has changed. My current negative attitudes toward Christianity are still in a process of hardening.
Most who pay any attention to this blog  must wonder about the continued changes of name that this site endures. The problem is that my religious sense of identity makes subtle shifts over time. One would think that a  59 year old man’s basic beliefs and outlooks would be settled by this time of his life. Unfortunately my religious affairs are not completely settled.
So why “Devotion to Isis” as opposed to “Isis, Mary and the Goddesses.” Well first I must state that my devotion to Isis has not wavered since I initiated this blog. It has been a constant for nearly a decade of my life. However in recent months my feelings about Christianity and thus Mary have cooled considerably. One consequence of this is that I am currently not reading any of the classical Marian literature at all. That does not mean that I will not in the future but I am not now. Other goddesses? I am always interested in them but my ongoing theological and devotional basis is always Isis. The goddesses for me are always personas of Isis. They represent Isis as she is seen in differing ways,  traditions, and nations. They are never competing divine powers that in some way limit the universal power and imperium of Isis.
I do respect the right of other persons to worship other deities such as Athena, Cybele, or the Hindu goddess Durga within the context of polytheism. I also believe that certain goddesses can be legitimately be seen as being the supreme and only goddess – both the Hindu goddess Durga and Tara, the Tibetan Buddhist goddess, represent that possibility. However for me Isis is the one supreme goddess. She is not  simply one goddess in a pantheon of equal goddesses; she is  as Isidorus said  all goddesses. I do not share the polytheism to which modern paganism seems to be increasingly turning.  I also reject the conception of Isis as an ecumenical goddess who is simply a convenient symbol of the Great Goddess of Wicca, the matriarchal mythos, or of paganism in general. This is not meant to be an attack on other world views: it is simply a statement of my own.

Another reason for changing the  name of this blog to Devotion to Isis is to stress the word “devotion.” Isian religion  should be a religion which stresses the devotion, love and worship of Isis. It should be a religion which stresses obedience to the will of Isis and the doing and speaking of Maat (righteousness and justice)  in the world. Isis is a goddess of liberation and she is a savioress from oppression. She supports as is said the widow and orphan, the poor and oppressed. Her followers should attempt to the same.