Classical Hathor

I have yet to master the art of matching my texts with images. Here is one of the great classic images of the great goddess Hathor.



Hymn to the Seven Hathor

I have often wondered about what the  musics of ancient Egypt, Greece and other nations were like. Well a few years ago a friend of mine as a gift bought me an CD called “Music in the Time of the Pyramids” which was “composed” by Spanish musicologist Rafael Perez Arroya. I have been listoning to it recently and have decided to share at least a little of it. Mr Perez’s CD produced by his Hathor Ensemble is probably the most acurate  recontruction of the music of Ancient Egypt that has been developed yet. Mr Perez’ reconstruction of Egyptian hymns and music is based on  over ten years his study of simply everything that is known of ancient Egyptian music, the instruments, how they were played, Egyptian musical texts, etc. The result of this work of scholarship was the CD and a book of the same title of over 400 pages which explains Rafael Perez understanding of ancient Egyptian music. As a consequence of his work Mr Perez won  the First Prize from the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport for best Scientific book.

Enough of this  introduction. Enclosed is the link to the “Hymn to the Seven Hathor” a beautiful New Kingdom hymn dedicated to the goddess Hathor
I hope people enjoy it.

Glenn King