Based on both the facts that this blog has had no sustained readership
over the months of its existence and that most Isians simply have little
interest in any kind of dialogue between Isis and the Christian
tradition, I have decided to suspend further writing on this blog. This
effectively means that Aset Maryam will be inactive from this date
forward. Of course if by some miracle people actually begin to post
comments here and a sustained demand for this blog begins to develope
then of course my decision will be subject to change. 

I have not lost interest in the subjects of this blog. I am still
dedicated to both Isis and the Virgin Mary of the Christian tradition. I
will continue to write on these subjects as the inspiration hits me.
However I doubt that I will be making many efforts to engage either the
Christian or Pagan communities in these subjects. These communities have
their own reigning orthodoxies that tend to preclude any interests in the
ways that I chose to go. 

At this point of time my writing will be focused on my other blog which
is now entitled "Thinking from the Margins." Thinking from the Margins
will include my thinking on Isis and Mary but also my thoughts and
articles about politics, socialism, the bible and most of the other
things that interest me. If this kind of "thinking from the margins"
interests you then I would suggest that you check out the blog. The link
to "Thinking from the Margins" is