Aset Maryam

I am going to shift gears here and hopefully eliminate some confusion. Any one who has read all the messages posted within this blog will note that subject of the blog initially was focused on  the Virgin Mary, who functions as the “feminine divine” within the Christian history.  The blog was named “All things Mary” to reflect that interest. The blog’s name was then changed  to “From the Margins” in March.  A month ago I changed the name to Aset Maryam.
The name “Aset Maryam” reflects fully  the reality and direction of this blog at this time. It symbolizes several aspects of the blog. First it symbolizes my continued devotion to the Virgin Mary, the Feminine God, the Goddess of the Christian tradition. The fact that the Roman Catholic Church seems to be rapidly back tracking to a  biblical, rationalist, Protestantizing position on Mary does not change this reality. Second it symbolizes both my prior and continuing devotion to Isis the Great Goddess, the Creatress of heaven and earth. In this blog therefore the discussion will  have  a dual focus. One focus will be on Isis and all things related to Isis. Thus Isis’ relationship with the culture of ancient Egypt,  her classical mythology, her relationship with the gods Osirus and  Horus, and goddesses such as Neith and Hathor will be discussed.
However the conversation will not end there. I also want very much to be able to have a conversation on the relationship of both Isis and the Egyptian religious traditions  to  historical Judaism and Christianity.  I am in particular interested in the relationship between Isis and the Virgin Mary.  Note. People should not misunderstand me here. I do not believe that the relationship between the religion of Egypt and Christianity is as clear cut as some charts on the internet which propose to show the parallels between Jesus and Horus seem to suggest. In fact the so called Jesus / Horus parallels are  fraudulent. However real connections do exist between the moral ethical, and religious culture of Ancient
Egypt and Judaism / Christianity. I hope that a good discussion on these issues can also occur within this blog.
Since Aset Maryam  is named after both Mary and  Isis, it is still a place for “all things Mary.”  I am still interested in a three way:  heterodox vs. liberal feminist vs.  traditionalist Marian discussion on the theological role of Mary within the Christian tradition. I am certainly interested in Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditions of Mary. The theological relationship of Mary and Jesus interests me obviously.
The new name of the group “Aset Maryam” thus reaffirms the initial purpose of this group but it also increases the scope of the conversation to include “all things Isis” as well. Note. When I pray I often repeat Aset Maryan, Aset Maryam, Aset Maryam ……. It is as they say part of my spiritual path. That may be important to note as well.

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