Changing Names

I have recently changed the name of this blog. Its original name Thinking on Mary: independent views no longer reflect what I am able to do. Do not get me wrong I am still a believer in a high Marian form of Christianity, though most would call this heresy. However the fact is that the subject of Mary has been completely marginalized in the modern world. The Protestant majority of this nation have no use for her. The “progressive” Roman Catholic feminists view her as a symbol of patriarchal oppression to be replaced by an upgraded vision of the Holy Spirit. To the Neopagan community she is just a weak vanilla form of the Goddess. The traditionalist forces within the Roman Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox Churches in fact  make up almost the whole of the communities that adore her. My problem of course is that my own independent views of Mary radically diverge from that of both traditional Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. Thus not much room for discussion exists with hard core members of these communities.
Thus while thinking on Mary  will continue to be a dominating aspect of the blog, I am  increasing the scope of the discussion. Many other subjects will be discussed. Among these will be both Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy of course.  But also to be discussed will be Neopaganism,  classical paganism, the emerging church movement, the kingdom of god, the Bible and in fact the whole range of religious and theological subjects in which I am interested. I have retitled my blog From the Margins because that is how I view my own ideas and thought as being from the margins, the borderland of acceptable thought. Most of my ideas are from an in between land of heterodoxy that does not fit into the dominating orthodoxies of today whether those  be Christian, Pagan or any other.