An Adjustment in Direction

At the end of my last log entree  I stated that “from this point on  I will look not primarily to the modern pagan theologies of Wicca, Pagan Reconstructionism, New Age thought, etc. I will not because Marian devotionalism is primarily a Christian phenomena and not a Pagan one.  But instead I will look  to the traditional, orthodox and heterodox religious traditions of Western Civilization for sources with which to dialogue.” On thinking on the project of this site for over two weeks now, I think that I have changed my mind on this. Certainly I will attempt in this place to share my thoughts and feelings regarding the orthodox formulations to Marian theology and devotion. However since in fact my own unique perspectives regarding Mary,  to a significant degree, have been strongly influenced by  sources such as Christian feminist theology and by Pagan conceptions of the divine, I now see no reason not to dialogue with these sources as well. After all the Greco Roman vision of Isis as the Universal Goddess has had a major impact on my own religious practices and theology. If readers of this blog, knowing of the impact of Isis on my life for example, attempt therefore to discredit everything that I say then so be it.

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