Hello world!

Hello! Lets start. This is my first blog so all of this is new. The idea for this blog developed as a result of my experience in moderating a Yahoo group called Mary Queen of Heaven. The purpose of that group is to be a discussion group for all people who adore Mary regardless of their personal theologies regarding her. Thus persons holding traditional Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox views and persons holding Gnostic, Sophian or other unorthodox views of Mary have been welcome to that group. Within this blog I will attempt to continue the purpose of that group by making it a place in which independent and heterodox views of Mary, Jesus, early Church history, and all aspects of the Christian tradition will be discussed. My own beliefs? I think theology in a sort of borderland between traditional Christianity and other religious traditions, historical Paganism being one of them. However that said, my future posts here will not be representative of what is called Christo Paganism which in general is a type of modern neo-paganism with only a veneer of Jesus added to it. On the contrary within this blog I will in fact attempt to develop a serious dialogue with historical, traditional and heterodox forms of Christianity in their relationship with Mary the Mother of God. Enough said for now.